Ideal for use as a home and office chair: Sitting on the FitChair will help you improve your posture, simultaneously giving you an effective core & back strengthening workout, as a result relieving you of chronic back and neck pain.

The suggested abdominal exercises on the FitChair, combined with a healthy diet plan, will help you cut the stubborn fat around your belly and give you that toned/lean look you have always wanted.

The FitChair can be used while working in front of a computer, watching television or simply replacing it with your conventional chair in any setting.

About FitChair

The FitChair is a worldwide patented product and is made in Taiwan. Whilst FitChair is the brand name being used for trading in Dubai, other distributors throughout the world may be using different names for the same.

The FitChair is commonly also referred to as a Gym Ball Chair, Balance Ball Chair, Stability Ball Chair, Exercise Ball Chair, Fitness Ball Chair, Fitness Chair, Swiss Ball Chair, Core Ball Chair, Inflatable Ball Chair, etc.